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Creating Big Futures

For Small People

Allowing the Youth of Vaughan, Ages 11-18. to explore new digital interests and build real-world professional skills.

Spark in a Nutshell

The Big Concept

In the digital age, where children spend many hours in front of the computer screen and love computer games, Spark Knowledge Center studies will encourage them to turn their hobbies into a profession. Spark will turn the many hours children spend in front of the computer into usable, real-world skills.

Every student studying at Spark Knowledge Center will be exposed to logical problems and creative thinking during the courses. This way, students will leave with a piece of broader and richer knowledge in different professions and are given a sense of maturity, direction, and success from an early age.

Spark Your Kid's Interests

Our Offerings

Spark Your Child’s Professional Career

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Register to our Programs in
3 Simple Steps

Begginner Classes

  • Intro to 3D art and modelling

  • 3D animation 

  • 2D art 

  • Character Design


Advanced Classes

  • 3D art for Engineering (auto cad) 

  • 3D printing

  • Engineering


Intermediate Classes

  • Programming 

  • Coding 

  • Game design 

  • Sound design


What Will My Child Learn?

The content and lessons taught within the classes are specifically tailored for children aged 9-17. The variety of courses offered at Spark will be regularly updated, reflecting technological innovations and advances both on a local and global scale. Spark students will be the leading and highest calibre of youth in the province.

How Will We Do It

We will do this by investing many resources every year to become a leader in this field in Canada. We commit to purchasing state-of-the-art technological equipment, hiring the best experts, completing regular professional training, and purchasing leading software.

Yes, Yes They Can.

A recent report made by Dell Technologies estimates that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented. Spark Knowledge Centre will attempt to provide families in Ontario with an opportunity to provide their kids with valuable education to help them in their adult lives.

Why Spark

Can my kids turn their hobby into a well paying professional career?

How It Works

Bring Out The Spark In Your Kid

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